Mark One Financial, LLC

How to Make Payments

Mailing Address
P.O. BOX 935114
ATLANTA, GA 31193-5114

If your payment is due within 5 business days, to insure proper and timely credit, please consider using one of the electronic payment options.


Authorize MarkOne to deduct your monthly payment automatically

Check by Phone

(866) 849-1792 (Fee: $2.80 for automated service or $6.95 through our Customer Service Department)

Credit/Debit Card by Phone

(866) 849-1792 (Fee: $10.80 for automated service)

Online Payments

Checking or Savings Account (Fee: $2.80)
Credit or Debit Card (Fee: $10.80)

PayNearMe - Pay using Cash at 7-Eleven or Family Dollar

Pay cash at 7-Eleven or Family Dollar anytime, 24x7. No bank account or credit card needed. PayNearMe (Fee: $5.99)
Find A PayNearMe Location

ACE Cash Express - Pay your bill with cash

Pay your MarkOne bill at ACE Cash Express. Have your 9 digit MarkOne account number with you. ( Fee $7.95 )
Find a Ace Cash Express location near you


Wal-Mart and other locations (Fee: $7.95)
Use Tran Code: 3950
Type: Express Payment

Western Union Quick Collect

Western Union locations (Fee: $12.95)
Code City: UMC
Code State: FL